Learn How to Adapt to the New Conditions Modern Western

Western civilization has gone far on the path of personal freedom development. The individual social choice in such countries as the United States, Canada, and EU members is becoming more advanced. Such freedom is often preferred over mutual responsibility and family solidarity, which creates certain risks. In most Western European countries, the number of marriages drops down dramatically. An increasing number of so-called free unions (a.k.a. civil marriages) causes the lower birth rates along with weakening the strength of the marriage institutions.

But don’t rush to the conclusions. There is no necessity to panic and support these newborn family concepts: the governments of many countries are taking special measures to let the family remain the highest value and strengthen its position. This phenomenon remains stable through ages. Each civilization valued it equally high. The only thing to be accepted by the modern teen is that there is less chance of getting married before 25 than it used to be a decade ago. According to For Your Marriage, the median age of people married at first has recently reached the marks of 28 for a male population and 25 for female. So, don’t hurry to end up with your education you still have time. During last thirty years, the marriage rate decreased heavily by 50%. Thus, adapting to new civilization conditions involves graduating and building career first.

Only after reaching success with your employment, family creation is recommended. This new approach is based on two novelties:

  1. It doesn’t make any sense to bear a baby and support the family’s wealth without finding a good job and achieving financial stability.
  2. Women are as active in their personal growth as men today. They simply won’t have any time to raise the child unless career goals are completed.

That’s why, young friend, don’t waste time and get to your educational process as soon as possible. Don’t hurry to bind yourselves to the family ties there is so much left to do. On the other hand, in many countries, children treatment is included into the total work experience when calculating retirement amount. That’s why there is no need to fear baby boom anymore.

Knowledge is evaluated most of all. Don’t have a cow, pal! By reading this article further, you’ll see why IT (computer science), Business English, Psychology, Sociology, Politology, Economy, Management, Marketing, Chemistry, Engineering, and foreign languages are top subjects today. Business education is the easiest tool for further adaptation to the current world’s conditions. Top MBA schools like Stanford, Booth, Harvard, Wharton and Kellogg are the key success factors to all aspects of life. Forbes kindly provides the statistics.

In terms of demographics, urban population is growing fantastically. According to Anthropocene Journal, 3.5 billion people are living in cities. By 2030, it will hit the mark of 5 billion. The more people are there around, the more education and business opportunities boost. As you can see, there is a good reason to move to the city if you still live in the village. It’s not that farming does not have any perspectives. But becoming a successful business representative is possible only in big residential areas.

The probability of obtaining a good job is higher among prestigious universities and colleges graduates. Such institutions are located in the big cities, of course. Note: Tokyo accounts for about 2% of the total planet’s GDP. So, it makes sense in learning Japanese or moving to do business there.

We’re living in the epoch of industrialization and modernization. Adaptation completely depends on a large industrial production. To survive in today’s conditions, one have to belong to intelligence (managers, supervisors, highly skilled workers). Meanwhile, the influence of scientific-technical revolution increases the value of highly skilled intellectual labor. To keep away from the unemployment problem, the student has to take this fact into account.

The more you support the idea of differentiation elimination in favor of social parity, the faster you adapt. Focus more on social sciences. It is critical to understand the psychology. Don’t miss the corresponding classes. Live with the fact every nation, race, gender, age group, and sexual orientation is treated equally and fairly. Minorities are changing to majorities.

By the way, speaking about languages. Foreign languages are in harsh demand this century. It’s hard to adapt to modern civilization without knowing at least one. English is an absolute must have. As for English speaking population, Spanish, French and Japanese are recommended to study.

What’s next? Right, an adult life with a job at first place. Well, at least for three upcoming years. We all were used to the same technologies and methods of work for the last decade, but the world is changing much faster today. Adapting to all new conditions means keeping in touch with all engineering innovations. Applying ECM or mainframes will make anyone look fool now. Of course, there is no need to purchase all the latest equipment and devices to earn per living.

However, at least you should be aware of recent programmes, electronic tools and applications you might be required to use at your workplace. Computer software is another critical thing to get acquainted with. New versions are released more frequently now, so without following network news an employee might experience significant difficulties and even fail the tasks. Forbes is sure that only those workers familiar with numerous social and collaborative communication instruments will stay in demand in a few years millennials. They are engineers, front-end developers, scientists, financial analysts, SEOs, SMMs, content managers, programmers, soft developers, and other similar positions.

The big deal is that the barrier separating leaders from managers have finally disappeared. It’s crucial to get ready you will be asked to share own passions, thoughts, business ideas, and comments regarding a particular issue. No more poker faces: only creativity matters. We entered the communications era. Learn how to speak up from the early scholar ages. It will definitely add up to your future career. Don’t count on a routine job even if you are about starting an accountant or bank clerk career. New civilization brought a piece of cake in the shape of worker’s autonomy. No more supervision only self-control and motivation.

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